It carries through a lifetime. It can be told in
different tongues. It is not held back by
differences or disputes, it is not afraid of opinion.
It has morphed through time, blending into the different areas of society. It is generational,
this language, and is carried through the
years in the mouths of millions. It is flexible,
easily manipulated to suit different situations.
It’s a story, what else can be done with it except
to tell it.



I sit in front of you, but there is little love in my heart for what you represent to me. We share so many characteristics, parts of you, that are still with me. Our crazy laughter,…

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Hello, my old friend, my oldest and closest companion; it has not been a while because I know I can’t be away from you for too long. You have been with me since my lips learnt…

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“I thought you had me in prison this whole time, but I am the one holding the keys. -INTRO III by NF Hundred ways I have imagined this scenario; a thousand ways I have considered how…

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I was two when I strolled through the gates that were unlocked the day I pushed out of my mother. A single flower proudly stood close to a barren hole not too far from the gates,…

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